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We do not belong to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We choose not to, and do not believe in what the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has become and the practices that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) are currently perpetrating on the general public.

For non-biased information on why we are making these statements, please go to the links below which provide documentary evidence of an undercover investigation done by ABC News, and the television show 20/20, on the Better Business Bureau:





Time Magazine wrote a follow up article on the Better Business Bureau:


Below is a link to a website that goes into detail about the Better Business Bureau, who they truly are, and what they actually do:


The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is not a State or Federal organization. They are simply a franchise, which collects membership fees from a business when it joins their organization. They have no legal power to resolve a complaint on behalf of a business or a consumer.

In the State of Tennessee there is an existing business that is currently rated an A+ with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This business was fined last year $4,000.00 by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission for conducting timeshare business without a State License. This year they were sued in Federal Court by Wyndham Vacation Resorts for Racketeering and Conspiracy to perpetrate illegal practices with their Wyndham owners. And yet, they are currently rated an A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as an “Accredited Member?”

Our firm has had less than 20 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in four years. We handle an average of 500 transactions a week. That is a total of 104,000 transactions and we have had less than 20 total complaints. With all complaints, written, signed, notarized documents were provided to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) providing evidentiary proof that our firm had done nothing wrong. In any court of the land, after providing such evidence, the complaint would have been dismissed, and the defendant would have been found innocent. The way the Better Business Bureau (BBB) handles a complaint is that if you are a paying member of their organization, it is not a big deal, and you keep your high rating with them. With a business that does not pay them yearly fees, they drop your score, even if you have done nothing wrong. Imagine if every time someone in this country was found innocent of a traffic citation, lawsuit, grievance, any type of charge, you were still penalized as being guilty? Our rating with them is currently a D. After this open letter that we are posting on our website, I predict the Better Business Bureau (BBB) will take retaliatory action against us and our rating will probably become an F.

As of today, November 1st, 2014, we will not respond in good faith to any complaints that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) files with our firm. We are not a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), they have no legal jurisdiction, and do not look at evidence of fault in a non-biased manner. Because of this, we will not recognize their position, and will not respond to their communications. All they choose to do is coerce you into joining their franchise and paying annual dues, by making your score (by the way, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) created the scoring system) look unfavorable.

Our firm is licensed by the State of Tennessee, the Real Estate Commission, and the Department of Commerce and Insurance. Our firm has never been fined or had any type of legal action filed in which we were found guilty of any illegal act. We have never been sanctioned, received a revocation, or suspension, leveled against us by any State or Federal organization. As mentioned earlier, we process hundreds of transactions per week. With this amount of business, we have had had less than 20 complaints lodged against our firm in four years, and are rated a D by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? Why? Because our firm’s owner does not believe in paying bribe money to belong to such an organization. He has told them as such, wrote a letter stating this, and is punished by receiving a bad score.

It is a shame that in today’s era of open communication and accountability that an organization like this can exist. That it can mislead the public into making a favorable decision to conduct a transaction with a business that is not even licensed, for example. That it can put a scarlet letter on a business that is in good standing with all local, State, and Federal jurisdictions, because it simply chooses not to join their organization. Once upon a time the Better Business Bureau (BBB) stood for something special. To protect the consumer, warn them, and advise them. But, what the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has now become is totally different from their original vision. Now, what the BBB stands for is that if you are a paying member, you receive an A+. If you are not, you pay the price by receiving a D, or worse.
Please, do not take our word for the statements that have been posted on this website. Click on the links provided at the beginning of this letter. Read the reports by Time, ABC News, and others, about what the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has become. Then, you be the judge if what we are stating is factual, or not.